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Details of Donors Shanthiham from 2014 to 2018

Recently implemented programs: 2014-2018

  1. Working with conflict-affected communities, focused to Enhance Resilience and Recovery via integrated mental health and psychosocial services in selected communities with the support of USAID.
  2. Developing Standard Operating Procedures, focused to develop the best practices for SGBV case management through working with communities and frontline officials with the support of Swiss Embassy through SDC.
  3. IMHO Counselling Course focused to select counselling trainees from five districts of Northern Province and train them as counsellors with classroom learning and field practices with the support of International Medical Health Organization (IMHO).
  4. Trauma Program focused to provide community counselling services integrated with referral systems for the direct victims of conflict with the support of The Asia Foundation.
  5. EU EIDHR Program focused for the promotion of the rights of conflict-affected women through a redress of power imbalances in conflict-affected communities with the partnership of ZOA, FOSDOO and Viluthu through the support of ZOA Sri Lanka.
  6. EU Catalytic Support to Peace Building Program focused to provide services for children, parents and their communities to improve the well-being of the children through community interventions at selected resettled communities with the collaboration of SOND, OferrCeylon with the support of Unicef.


Ongoing Programs: 2019

  1. Accompaniment Program focused to improve the psychosocial well-being of the families with missing members with the support of ICRC.
  2. Psychosocial Training of Trainers (TOT) Program focused on capacity building of frontline workers from Government and private sectors with the support of Government Office for National Unity and Reintegration (ONUR).
  3. Social Cohesion and Reconciliation (SCORE) focused to train psychosocial Training of Trainers (ToTs) and develop Core Groups in the conflict affected communities and at Jaffna, Vavuniya in Northern Province and Trincomalee district in Eastern Province with the support of Global Communities, funded by USAID.


Details of Donors Shanthiham from 1988 to 2014


  • Working with torture victims
  • Counselling services
  • Training counselors


  • Psychosocial training (9 months)
  •  Kavasam
  • Community Mental Health Work
  • Women In Need
  • Play Centre– D.Hospital, Tellipalai
  •  Child Thematic Project
  • Widow Support Program

Post tsunami

  • Mental Health in Task Force
  • Crisis and crisis intervention training for 200 volunteers
  •  Immediate crisis intervention at the coastal areas in Jaffna peninsula &Mullaithevu


  • Especially designed & implemented for the women affected  by
  • The domestic violence
  • War
  • Women receive the treatment at Psychiatric Unit–TH, Jaffna

Project Duration: 2003 – One Year (Over)

Project Activities:

  • Counselling
  • Family therapy
  • Rehabilitation of alcoholic husbands by detoxification & group therapy & reintegration into the family
  • Emergency cash assistance for needy clients
  • Educational assistance for children
  • Net work with other GOs & NGOs
  • Self-employment assistance
  • Co-ordinate with the Police ‘Women’s Desk’
  • Provide temporary shelter for affected Women

Psychosocial Trainers & Community Mental Health Work

This  project  has  been implemented  with the prime idea  of developing Psychosocial trainers in Jaffna District  to cater  the affected  and traumatized  people

Project Duration   :           2001 – 2005

Project Activities  :           Trainings

  • Psychosocial   awareness& Training Program
  • Supervisory follow – up in vulnerable Village
  • Formation of Core groups
  • Training for community workers, primary health care workers,

School teachers, senior students, Samurthi officers & social workers

Short Term Training of Counsellors – 8th Batch

Project Duration   :2004 / 2005



  • Training of Psychosocial Counsellors
  • Family Therapy
  • Advanced training for counsellors

Trainees Attached to:

  • Government Departments
  • Non-GovernmentOrganisations
  •  Psychosocial crisis intervention – Past Tsunami
  • Child and adolescent psychology and counselling in practice

Post-Tsunami activities carried out by Shanthiham

  • Crisis intervention (as part of the Mental Health Task Force in Disaster)
  • Providing training to psychosocial volunteers who visited the transit centres
  • Co-ordinating and monitoring psychosocial services provided to the tsunami affected people
  • Community-based psychosocial intervention in the tsunami affected villages in Jaffna district
  • Building the capacity of the organization through:

—  Development of training centre

—  Recruitment of permanent Master Trainers

  • Reorganisation of Provision of psychosocial training to INGOs and NGOs in the North and East

Marathenkerny community psychosocial project

  • WHO Counselling Training
  • Resist programme for victims of torture (new project)
  • Developing resources and research
  • Continuing training for other NGOs and INGOs

2005 – 2006 :

  • Family Psychosocial Health as the tsunami response for Sri Lanka
  • Child Thematic Project
  • WHO  Sponsored counsellingcours
  • Widow Support Program
  • Community Psychosocial assistance Program- CORDAID Maruthankerny
  • Reaching Children in the tsunami Ravaged Mullaitivu – REACH
  • Resists

Family Psychosocial Health as the tsunami response for Sri Lanka

Project Duration :        May 2005 – April 2007

Funding Assistance:Eureka –ACHMEA, Netherlands

Project Activities 

  • Purchase of building
  • Developing  Training Unit at Shanthiham
  • Infrastructure  development
  • Conducting training program

Location: Jaffna

Child Thematic Project

This project is purely Classroom/Camp/Community Based Intervention (CBI) implemented with the aim of rehabilitating through play therapy for school going children of vulnerable areas.

Duration:September 2004 – August 2007 – Three Years

Activity      :

  • Psychosocial care
  •  Community based intervention for children
  • Individual Counselling for Special Child Mental Health Problems

WHO Sponsored counselling course

Training of counselors to meet the existing demand within this field due to scarcity of current resources in Northern part of Sri Lanka

Name          :  Training of Psychosocial Counsellors

Duration: July 2005 – June 2006 (One Year)

Activity      :

  • Training of Psychosocial Counsellors
  • In service training at Providing Counselling for thematic Patients
  • Supervision of Counselling

Widow Support Program

A  project implemented  for the psychosocial intervention and economic sustainability  of  the Widows  keeping  the development  of the youth and children in mind  together  with providing psychosocial assistances  to resolve  their  problems   at  the community level  by forming  village level groups  and Societies  headed  by Widows.

Name          :        Widow Support Program

Funding      :         Finland Embassy, New Delhi

Duration:2004 – 2006


  • Psychosocial intervention & psychosocial first aid
  •  Support to women Headed families to Generate Income on their own
  • Assistance for  Income generation Activities
  • Conducting Training Program to develop skills
  • Computer Training  provided  to Youths
  • Income earning  by renting chairs on daily basis

Facilities: Provided with computer one unit with printer, scanner, etc.

Community Psychosocial assistance Program-  CORDAID

Project Duration: Jan 2006 – Oct 2007 (20 months)

Project Activities 

  • Conducting  psychosocial training program
  •  Formation of Village level core groups
  • Conducting houses visits
  • Identification of traumatic patients
  • Counseling & yoga relaxation therapy
  • Referral  to hospital and for other social support

Location: Maruthankerny& Point Pedro area

Duration: 6 months

Target Groups: Families affected by tsunami, adults, children, youths, elders

Reaching Children in the tsunami Ravaged Mullaitivu – REACH

Project Duration: 2006 – 2008

Project Activities:

  • Communication and supportive listening
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to mental health psychosocial issues
  • Culturally appropriate class room/community based interventions
  • Trainings – Assessment and referral to specialized services

–          Construction of  Permanent structure

Target Groups: Families affected by tsunami school going children parents & teachers school dropout children

Construction of Day Care Centre  -Maruthankerny

Project Duration:9 months

Project Activities:

  • Construction of Day Care Centre
  • Counselling – psychosocial issues
  • Training programmes  for Widows & widowers
  • Recreation and play for children
  • Maintenance of children in the day time with providing meals, refreshments, play/educational material  etc
  • Assessment and referral to specialized services
  • Construction of  Permanent structure
  • Medical  treatment  for Children and adults

Target Groups: Families affected by tsunami widows

RESIST – Working with torture victims

Project Name: Reducing Effects and Incidence of Torture

Duration:One Year

Displaced people from

  • (O.L.R. Church ) Allaipiddy, Mandaitivu

(     )

  • Target group: Torture victims and Risk Area

USAID Project 2014

Project name: Enhancing resilience and recovery via integrated mental health and psychosocial health services in the post conflict setting

Project Duration: 2Years

Location: Maruthankerny, Kilinochi, Poonakary

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