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Thematic priority 1

Rebuilding the Individual, family and community

Outcomes Outputs Activities
1. Individuals with mental health and psycho social needs secure psycho social well being and re-integrate into the community

1.1 Clients assessed, treated and terminated1.2 Clients assisted through holistic service provision including income generation activities, legal support and economic assistance.

1.3 Self help groups formed /re-activated (child groups, youth groups active socially and providing leadership)

1.4 Socially motivated core groups formed to enrich the knowledge, skills and attitudes on PS/MH PS well being

1.5 Study to validate existing practices in the treatment of individual clients carried out and published.

1.1.1 Psycho social clinics (needs assessments, selections, planning, …etc)1.2.1 Livelihood provision for selected clients

1.2.2 legal support for selected clients

2. Improve social cohesion by strengthening capacity of family*  and social groups within the community  *(recognizing that family means is a fluid concept?) 2.1 Study on the value of traditional cultural practices as possible coping mechanisms at the family and community level carried out and published.2.2 Pilot activity to use a traditional cultural practice to address issues of disintegration of family and social units and promote social cohesion.

2.3 Community core groups trained and established to provide support to the community

2.1.1 Identify and outsource study to an appropriate researcher/research organization.2.1.2 Produce, translate, publish and disseminate to selected practitioners and partners.

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