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Thematic priority 2

Strengthening mental health system




1. Minimum standards for better coordinated service delivery  are developed in accordance with humanitarian accountability principles (HAP) and implemented by key stakeholders.

1.1 Existing service providers are mapped out and roles and responsibilities are defined. (capacity of local authorities)

1.2 Reactivation of the psycho social forum at the Divisional level.

1.3 Draft minimum standards for SOPs developed in accordance with humanitarian accountability principles (HAP) developed.

1.4 Training on minimum standards for SOPs and humanitarian accountability principles (HAP) provided to Forum members.

1.1.1 Conduct survey and interviews to identify and map service providers.

1.1.2 Facilitate a consultation to discuss and agree on roles and responsibilities of mhpss service providers.

2. Quality care standards developed are adopted by agencies, service providers and emphasis were given for family and other social unit based care settings.

2.1 Draft minimum standards and indicators for quality care standards developed and used for monitoring.

2.2Training provided to Forum members (refer 1.2)

3. A referral system is developed at the provincial and divisional level and the model is well replicated by other divisions

3.1 Consultation to facilitate partnerships between referral organizations/agencies.

3.2 Referral pathways at provincial and divisional level documented, translated and disseminated.

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